Big Society

Image by Rosalie Schweiker

Image by Rosalie Schweiker

4 August to 28 October 2010

A window exhibition, viewed from the street

A window exhibition, viewed from the street. Space Station Sixty-Five invites you to respond to the notion of ‘Big Society’.

What is the 'big society' if not arts for everyone? Tiny grants already stretch far into communities, making music, dancing and art, engaging with history and heritage, drawing people together in shared emotions and experiences. Civic pride, quality of life, pleasure and endeavour (and art for arts sake) is cheap for its rich returns, but it's not free.

Polly Toynbee: "Arts for everyone is cheap considering its rich returns." The Guardian, Wednesday 28th July 2010

Your contributions may be selected to make an evolving window exhibition at Space Station Sixty-Five.

To take part please email us a Word, RTF or Pages document or a jpeg with an image at 300dpi.

You may also post contributions, no larger that A4, to Space Station Sixty-Five, 65 North Cross Road, London SE22 9ET.

We are sorry, original artwork will not be returned, copies are preferred.

If selected, your work will be attached to the inside of the Space Station Sixty-Five window and viewed from the street.

We look forward to receiving your emails and postal contributions; the exhibition will develop as they arrive.